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Which Size Bin Is Right For You?

It is our most common question: what size of bin should I get? It is an essential first step in the rental process.

Selecting the right size of bin is critical to saving you time and money. The rental bin you need all depends on the type and the amount of debris. Thankfully, we offer our clients a wide range of bin sizes so that you get the one that fits your project.

Find The Right Size Bin For You

With dumpsters ranging from 5 to 25 yards, it can be hard to know which ones are best for you. That’s why we’re going to dive deeper into the size, dimensions, and cost of each bin and what projects they’re best suited for.

5 yard | 12’0″L x 4’8″W x 2’3″H | $225 + HST

This is the smallest size of dumpster we have. It is ideal for:

  • Small-scale home projects, like a seasonal cleaning or decluttering
  • Small gardening projects

10 yard | 12’0″L x 5’8″W x 4’0″H| $265 + HST

10-yard bins are also for small-scale projects that have a little more to them than simple decluttering. It is ideal for:

  • Basement, garage or attic cleanout
  • Small bathroom or kitchen renovation
  • Small landscape project or brush removal
  • Smaller deck removals

12 Yard | 12’0″L x 7’0″W x 4’0″H | $285 + HST

We like to think of the 12-yard bin as an excellent middle ground between the 10 and 15-yard options. It’s the perfect choice for a medium-sized room reno.

15 yard | 12’0″L x 6’8″W x 4’6″H | $300 + HST

We have now moved into the mid-sized territory. A 15-yard bin is ideal for:

  • Renovating more than one small room
  • Removing a fence or replacing a roof
  • General cleanup of junk in your home and garage

20 yard | 14’0″L x 7’7″W x 5’0″H | $335 + HST

It’s time to talk about our larger bins, favourite for contractors or families undertaking a more extensive renovation or downsizing project. A 20-yard bin ideal for:

  • Downsizing to a new home
  • Significant renovation, like a basement
  • House clean out with more oversized furniture & appliances
  • Flooring & carpet removal for a large home
  • Large deck removal
  • Shingle removal
  • Big landscaping jobs

25 yard | 15’0″L x 8’0″W x 6’0″H | $385 + HST

This is our largest option and is ideal for:

  • Large home remodelling project
  • New home construction project
  • Major home addition
  • Garage demolition
  • Pool removals

Things to Remember When Choosing a Bin

Now that you have a better size of what bin is right for you, be sure to keep these things in mind.

  1. Never Overload Your Bin: If there is material hanging out of the bin, we cannot transport it. That’s why we generally suggest getting one size bigger than you think you’ll need. Not only is it as little as $15 more to opt for a larger bin, but it helps you avoid overloading or for us to have to deliver a second bin.
  2. Weight Limit: All of our bins come with one tonne of disposal included in the cost. For large projects that involve concrete or other heavy objects, you may go over one tonne. That is okay. It is $110 for every tonne you are over, but we prorate the overage, so you only pay for what you have in the bin.

We’re Here to Help

If you still have questions, contact us today to ensure that you get the right size to help minimize the cost.

We’re Ready to Haul Your Trash Away.

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