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What is a Clean Fill Bin?

A clean fill bin is a term used in the waste industry. It refers to a dumpster that can accept recyclable construction waste. It is called “clean” because it is considered an environmentally friendly process. The materials in clean fill bins can be recycled and repurposed for future construction projects.

What Can Go in a Clean Fill Bin?

In more concrete terms, a clean fill bin is for asphalt, soil, sod, gravel, brick and, well, concrete. What makes a clean fill bin different from our other bins is that you can only put the same materials in the bin. You can’t mix materials. So a concrete bin is for concrete, not concrete and soil, for example.

The following materials can go in the same bin:

  • Option 1: Soil and sod
  • Option 2: Concrete, block, and interlock
  • Option 3: Asphalt
  • Option 4: Bricks

You can bring these items to the dump yourself, but they only accept small loads and will charge you drop-off fees based on the weight of the materials. And that doesn’t factor in the time and effort of getting it to the dump. With a clean fill bin rental from us, we drop off the bin, and you fill it. We haul it and properly dispose of the clean fill. It’s that easy.

Why Can’t Materials be Mixed?

All materials are transported to the correct location to be properly recycled. Bricks are ground down to make new ones. Dirt and soil can be used for gardens. If they are mixed, they are no longer reusable. By using a clean fill bin, you are making the green choice, helping to make the construction industry more sustainable.

I Have Multiple Materials. Can I Get More Than One Bin?

Absolutely. If you have a renovation or construction project that requires the removal of multiple materials, we can provide you with multiple bins. We have dumpsters as small as 5 yards. You can throw the appropriate materials in, and we’ll haul them away.

What is NOT Accepted in a Clean Fill Bin?

Clean fill bins should not include hazardous items like cleaning chemicals, propane tanks, batteries, and tires. No biological waste is accepted, including paper, metals, or fibreglass. Contaminants make recycling the materials impossible.

Basically, if it’s not concrete, asphalt, dirt and sod, gravel, or brick, it can’t go in a clean fill bin.

Need a Clean Fill Rental Bin?

Whether you have a landscaping project, are tearing up your sidewalk, or doing some stonework, we can haul any of your clean fill construction waste. It is a simple and economical way to dispose of waste while reducing the burden on landfills and protecting the environment.

Contact us, and we’ll get your dumpster bin rental delivered. Rather than hauling it to the landfill yourself, we can take care of it for you!

We’re Ready to Haul Your Trash Away.

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