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What Can Go in a Rental Dumpster Bin?

A dumpster bin rental is perfect for making your next move or cleanout project easier. Bins offer a cost-effective solution for trash disposal and junk hauling.

One question we often get is what can go in your rental dumpster. Here are the most common bin types and the items that go into each bin (and the items to avoid putting in).

1. Garbage Bins

When it’s time for a spring cleaning, renovation, or move, a garbage bin is a great option. We take care of the drop-off, pickup, and waste disposal for you—no need to borrow a pickup truck or wait in line at the dump.

You can throw anything in the dumpster that you would throw into your weekly garbage collection, plus more oversized items that may only be allowed on designated waste collection days. These are the most common items tossed into our garbage bin rentals.

Furniture: couches, mattresses, box springs, sofa beds, tables, chairs, desks, shelves.

Appliances: ovens, refrigerators, freezers, portable air conditioning units, washing machines, and dryers. Any hazardous fluids within these appliances, like freon, should be removed by a professional before placing them in the dumpster.

Electronics: televisions, computers, printers, and other e-waste.

Other Household Waste: cardboard, toys, fabrics, and other non-organic trash.

Construction Waste: fences, roof shingles, carpet, scrap metal, ceiling tiles, gravel, plaster, ceramic tiles, bricks, and wood.

Yard Waste: trees, branches, grass, and other types of green waste.

2. Soil Bins

If you have a landscaping job, excavation, or grading project, throw the soil, dirt, and grass in the bin, and we can haul it away. We have 5-yard and 8-yard options.

We also deliver aggregates to your site. We can fill the bin with mulch, soil, or stone and bring it right to you.

3. Concrete

We have 8-yard bins for concrete. They come at a flat fee, with no hidden costs. Whether you are a homeowner or a contractor, we remove broken concrete from projects of all sizes, from a full-scale demolition or tearing up a sidewalk or retaining wall.

4. Asphalt

We have bins specifically designated for proper disposal of asphalt. If you are doing work on a driveway, parking lot, or asphalt walkway, we can remove it for you. We ensure that the asphalt is recycled correctly, making it essential that only asphalt goes into your bin.

5. What’s Not Allowed

Hazardous waste materials cannot be placed inside your dumpster. These items pose risks to the environment and need to be correctly disposed of. Check your municipality’s rules and regulations for how to properly dispose of hazardous waste, including batteries, tires, propane tanks, asbestos, flammable liquids, pesticides, fluorescent tubes, and harmful chemicals.

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Understanding what can go in our bins is essential when determining which bin you should rent. If you want to confirm which items go in your dumpster, contact us today, and we will help you out.

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