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The Many Benefits of Renting a Dumpster

When it comes to a renovation, remodelling, or decluttering project, renting a dumpster is a great way to get rid of your junk and construction waste. A rental bin gives you a single place to dump all of your junk without having to worry about hauling it away.

Here are five benefits that come with renting a dumpster.

Benefit 1: Let the Pros Handle the Waste

You can haul the junk yourself, but when you add up renting a trailer, driving to the dump, waiting in line, then paying for disposal fees, it costs you time and money. Why not let the pros handle it for you?

We drop off the dumpster. You fill it. Then we come by and take it all away for you. When we dispose of the items, we maximize what is recycled, keeping as much out of the landfill as possible.

Benefit 2: Perfect for Renovations and Remodels

When dealing with construction waste, it can be overwhelming to have to dispose of it all yourself. Renting a dumpster is an ideal alternative for construction projects. You can throw all the debris into the bin. Old flooring, shingles, carpet, drywall—it can all go in. It gives you more time to focus on the renovation while keeping your space as clean and clutter-free as possible as you work away.

Benefit 3: Motivation to Declutter Your Home

When the bin is dropped off in your driveway, you typically have it for a week. You’d be surprised at how motivated you are to declutter when the bin is sitting right there for you to toss everything in. There’s no need to plan time-consuming dump visits or try to give it all away on Facebook Marketplace. By the end of the week, you’ll have every room in your home decluttered!

Benefit 4: It’s Simple

There is no worry about sorting. You just throw all the junk in the bin. You can throw anything in the dumpster that you would throw into your weekly garbage collection, plus more oversized items that may only be allowed on designated waste collection days. There are some exceptions for hazardous materials, but most things can go in the bin. No sorting required.

Benefit 5: Easy for budgeting

The cost of a dumpster rental is very predictable, making it easy to budget. The price of the bin includes the drop-off, pick-up, and disposal of one tonne of waste. There are no hidden fees. Doing it yourself comes with many costs like trailer rental and disposal fees, not to mention your time.

Need a Dumpster Rental Bin?

Renting a dumpster is an easy, efficient way for you to dispose of junk, garbage, and waste materials. Plus, it saves you the cost, time, and work of having to haul it all to the municipal dump yourself. Let us take care of hauling your junk away for you!

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