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How to Dispose of Asphalt and Concrete

It’s an exciting time. You have a construction or demolition project that will transform your space. Maybe you are redoing a driveway or concrete veranda. Regardless, you are in for a dirty, labour-intensive process. One crucial question is how you will dispose of all the old concrete or asphalt?

You could fork out significant dollars for professional removal services, but that may be outside of your budget. A rental bin is a great alternative. It is the cost-effective choice for disposing of your asphalt and concrete. Another option is to go the full DIY route and bring it to the dump yourself.

Before we can talk about your waste removal options, you need to understand the proper disposal of asphalt and concrete, which means understanding clean fill.

What Is Clean Fill?

Clean fill simply means construction waste that can be recycled and made into new material for future construction projects. Your concrete and asphalt are taken to a site where it is cleaned, crushed, and used as an aggregate.

A clean fill bin must only contain one type of material. For example, you can not add soil or brick to your asphalt bin. Mixing materials means that they are no longer able to be recycled. So regardless of using a rental bin, a junk removal company, or bringing it to the dump yourself, you are going to need to ensure that the materials are disposed of properly, so they can be reused.

Option #1: Renting a Bin

A rental bin company delivers a dumpster to your home. You fill it; then they halt it away. That is exactly what we do. The first step is getting the right size bin. Give us a call or complete our intake form, and a specialist from our team will ensure you get a bin that fits the size and needs of your concrete or asphalt project.

Unlike a junk removal company, with a rental bin, you are responsible for filling the bin. Once the job is done, give us a call. We come to your house, pick up the bin, and properly dispose of the materials to be recycled and repurposed. Not only is the waste out of your life, but you have made the greener choice!

A significant benefit of a rental bin is that you know the exact cost of the bin upfront. The price you pay includes bin rental, delivery, pickup, and disposal. There is no guesswork. And because you are filling it yourself, you can avoid all the expensive labour costs of a junk removal company. Plus, The quicker you fill it, the more you can save on the final price.

Option #2: Hire a Junk Removal Company

A junk removal company will not only dispose of the concrete waste, but they do all the heavy lifting for you. As we just discussed, with a dumpster rental, you throw the items in the bin. Conversely, a junk removal company physically places all of the concrete and asphalt in the dumpster for you and hauls it away—making it an excellent choice for those with limited mobility or injuries.

The junk removal company’s cost depends on how much work they have to do. The more waste, the more it will cost you. They do provide an estimate, but the pricing model is not as simple as a dumpster rental.

Option #3: Haul to the Dump Yourself

Of course, you can always load up a trailer and haul the materials to the dump yourself. The DIY route may seem like the cheapest option, but costs can add up.

First, you have to get a trailer and load it up. Depending on the size of your project, that can mean several trips to the dump. Because the material is heavy, it may also put a strain on your vehicle.

Secondly, you are charged to drop the items at your local dump or waste management site. The price is dependent on weight. The cost can add up quickly and can make it hard to budget.

Need a Clean Fill Rental Bin?

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