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Do Bin Rentals Include Disposal?

We understand that bin rentals tend to happen when you’re undertaking a big project like moving or renovating. Those projects have one thing in common: they can be expensive.

Customers new to bin rentals often ask us if the rental cost includes disposal fees. We are happy to say that it is included.

We want to make budgeting easy for you, ensuring you have no surprise costs. So here is everything you need to know about bin rentals and disposal costs to help make budgeting simple.

Keep Your Costs Down

Every bin we supply comes with one tonne of disposal included in the cost. Depending on the scope of your project, you may go over the limit. That’s not a problem; however, the added weight adds to the cost of disposal. If you go over the one-tonne limit, we charge $110 for every extra tonne. This fee covers the additional waste disposal fees we incur while dumping, but know that we are not adding markup to that cost.

The good news is that cost is prorated. So you only get charged for the amount you go over. For example, if you only go over by a half tonne, you get charged $55, not the full $110.

Here is a real world example: let’s say you have a renovation coming up. You determined that you need a 25-yard bin. The cost of the bin is $385 (+ tax). Included in that cost is one tonne of disposal. After all is said and done, you put 1.5 tonnes of total waste into your bin. That is half a tonne over the limit, which would cost $55. So your total would be the base rate plus the overage ($385 + $55 = $435 + tax).

If you know you are disposing of some heavy objects, you may not be able to save on weight, but you can save on time. Ask us about our Faster You Fill, Cheaper The Bill options, including our special 3-day rates.

Make Sure The Right Stuff Goes in the Bin

Another that helps keep the disposal cost down is ensuring that the correct items go in the bin. With a garbage rental bin, you can throw anything that you would throw into your weekly garbage collection, plus more oversized items that may only be allowed on designated waste collection days, like furniture and mattresses.

Hazardous waste materials cannot be placed inside your dumpster. These items pose risks to the environment and need to be correctly disposed of. Check your municipality’s rules and regulations for how to properly dispose of hazardous waste, including batteries, asbestos, flammable liquids, pesticides, fluorescent tubes, and harmful chemicals.

Placing non-approved materials can add to the cost, as we have to dispose of those items at the appropriate locations and will have to charge you for it. This rarely happens, but we just wanted to make you aware.

If you have questions about what can go in your bin, you can read more here.

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